Saying goodbye to AOL

In 2002, I decided to go back to school to get my MLS online, so I bought a new computer.  I had previously had a computer, from 1995 – 2000, but it died and I didn’t replace it because I couldn’t afford it.  It’s hard to go to school online without a computer, though, so I got a new Dell desktop.  It was a workhorse, and gave me a good 5 years of life before it also bit the dust, in 2007.

With the computer, as usual, came a free 6-month subscription to dial-up AOL.  I accepted it at the time, because I didn’t have any other connection, didn’t have email at work, and the free six months was desperately needed!  When it

Got mail?

Got mail?

came time to start paying for it, I chose the lowest-cost alternative, which was $4.99/month at the time.

After a year of going to school online, dial-up was getting old.  My home phone service was with BellSouth, so I started getting DSL through them.  I kept the AOL subscription, though, because all my friends had that email address, and if I ended the AOL account I’d have to go through the hassle of changing email addresses – which was more of a big deal then to me, for some reason.  Besides, $4.95/month was not bad.

Eventually, though, the price started going up – first to $6.95, then to $7.95, then to $9.99.  And this was still for a dial-up account.  The only time I used it was when my DSL wasn’t working for some reason, and that was only once.  And once I graduated from library school and started my current job, I had email through work as well.

Finally, after much procrastination, I decided to do away with the AOL account – and I made the call today.  It’s something I should have done long ago, I know – but at least I finally got it done. 

When I was speaking with the representative, she had all sorts of other offers for me, of course, all for $9.99 or less.  I was persistent and turned them all down.  I was expecting it, though, so I was ready for it.  If I hadn’t thought it through, or hadn’t known quite as much about my computer accounts as I do, I might have been talked into one of them.  One thing that I didn’t get offered was the “free 3 months” that AOL always used to offer when you tried to cancel an account.   They seem to have stopped that.

And I get to keep my AOL email address, since that’s free now as long as you use it through another Internet provider.

If you’ve been putting off something like that, go do it now!!  You’ll feel so relieved afterwards.

I’m putting the extra $9.99/month towards the grocery bill.  Organic food is expensive.

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