The first CSA box – veggies everywhere!

A bounteous CSA box

A bounteous CSA box

Saturday was a beautiful day for a trip to the farm.  It was also the first week with a full box.  I got collards (already cooked up with vinegar and bacon – yum!), bok choy, lettuce, parsley, mint (big pitcher of mint tea in the fridge now – yum again), onions, a full dozen eggs, four navel oranges, and sweet, wonderful sugar snap peas. 

I’m not sure what to do with the bok choy.  I’ll have to investigate recipes today.  I know I like it because I’ve had it before in a restaurant.

The lettuce that I’m growing is not doing much, but it doesn’t matter – I’m getting almost more lettuce than I can eat.  Salads every day.

It takes a lot of preparation to get the fridge empty and ready for next week’s box!  I’ll be cooking all week.  But it’s great.

If you’re in the St. Augustine/Palm Coast/Palatka area of Florida, here is the website of the farm I’m subscribed to.  They have a couple of shares left.


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