A winter reading list

I haven’t posted much lately, because there’s not much going on to talk about.  I’m behind on my RSS readers.  Work is very busy, and the students haven’t even started yet.  It’s very cold (relatively speaking, of course) with lows in the low 40s to mid 30s and highs around 60, and there’s even a chance of ocean-effect snow flurries over the weekend. 

I haven’t been working outside, so I’ve had more time to read.  Here’s what’s on the current list:

Eternal Puppy, by Janice Willard – caring for your elderly dog

How to Break a Terrorist, by Matthew Alexander – interrogation without torture works

The Veggie Gardener’s Answer Book, by Barbara Ells – self-explanatory!

You Are Here, by Thomas M. Kostigen – the environment

Don’t Throw it Out, by Lori Baird – how to reuse household items and make them last

Fresh Food from Small Spaces, by R.J. Ruppenthal – urban gardening

And, waiting for me from Netflix, is “Best In Show.”  I’m looking forward to that.

Good stuff for a longish (relatively speaking) cold spell.

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