January wrap-up

lose-weight-or-buy-bigger-jpeg1Today is payday, since Jan. 31 is on a Saturday.  So, from a financial standpoint, February begins today.

It’s time to check on my progress toward the goals I set for 2009.

First goal: lose 15 pounds.  I haven’t started working on this.  Beginning in February, I’m going to add daily exercise.  I’m not going to change my diet in any way.  My birthday is in February and also another trip to Orlando, which always involves food.  I’ll see how far I get in four weeks with just exercise.

Second goal: complete my food storage and disaster preparation.  I’m continuing to add to the food storage, and I ordered N95 surgical masks this week, which should be here soon.  In case of a flu epidemic, those are the ones we’ll all need.  I did a food inventory at the beginning of the month, so I know where I stand now.

Third goal: come in under budget every month.  I did in January; I had about $12.00 left over.  🙂  I’d rather not cut it that close, but this month included my AAA membership and my car registration renewal.  There’s nothing big due in February, so I should be able to do a little better on that one.

Fourth goal: pay an extra $100 on my car loan each month.  I did this in January.

Fifth goal: no food waste.  I’ve been fine on this; everything has been composted that I didn’t eat.

Overall, not too bad, I think.


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