Enough with the cold weather, already!

Okay, I’m ready for spring now.

It’s been unusually cold in a lot of parts of the country, I know.  A friend who lives outside of Chicago said that one day their wind chill was 47 below.  That’s just ridiculous.  I don’t expect anyone to have any sympathy for our “cold” weather here. 

It’s been unusual for us too.  We can go for several years and not have any temperatures below freezing, especially here on the beachside.  Our usual winter temps are lows in the upper 40s and highs around 70.  Right now, that would feel really warm to me.

We’ve had almost two weeks of really cold weather, with four or five nights below freezing.  There were two nights I left the outside faucets dripping so they wouldn’t freeze.  It’s too cold to get outside and do anything.  It’s depressing.  Combine that with the short days, and it’s a real barrier to any kind of activity for me.

There is one good thing about the cold weather: it kills off the mosquitoes. 

Die, you bloodsucker!

Die, you bloodsucker!

But they should be good and dead by now, so I’m ready for some warmth and sunshine.  Now!!!!


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