Planting peppers

I planted some bell pepper seeds today – four, to be exact.  The farmer at my CSA farm hasn’t said anything about sweet peppers, so I don’t think he’s planning any.  So I’m going to try to grow my own this year.  The mature peppers are supposed to be orange.  It will be so cool if it works.

I got the seeds from Seeds of Change website; they’re certified organic.  I used the bottom half of an orange juice carton for each planting; I’ve been saving them up.  I punched holes in the bottom for drainage.  Then I broke up some styrofoam that had come as packaging in a box into small pieces.  I used that in the bottom of the carton for better drainage, then I used the top of an empty plastic storage shoebox for a tray for two of the cartons to sit on.  I’m pretty proud of myself for repurposing things that I already had on hand, if I do say so myself!  🙂

I debated which window to set them in.  At first I thought I’d put them in the big front window that faces east, but Ralph has access to that window while I’m home, and if he heard a commotion out front he might go tearing out there and knock everything over.   So I decided on a west-facing window, that looks out on the back yard.  Since the plants will end up in the back yard eventually anyway, that might be better – to sort of acclimate them to getting afternoon sun.  That window is in the guest bedroom and Ralph never goes in there.

We’ll see how they do.  If they don’t do well, there are a lot more seeds in the package.


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