Random beginnings and endings

My sweet pepper seeds aren’t beginning to grow yet.  Today was 9 days, so they should be doing something soon.  If they haven’t sprouted by the weekend, I’ll plant more – but I’m going to wait until after I get back from spring break.  I’m going to start the carrots then anyway.

I discovered yesterday at Walgreens that my flex plan funds have ended for the year.  (Our year runs July 1 through June 30.)  I had increased the amount last year, but the costs of my prescriptions went up a good bit this year.  I haven’t even started allergy shots yet.  I’ll have to increase it again next year.  Until then, I guess my $13.00/week tax break will be going to pay for prescriptions.  🙂

Amazon has begun selling its Kindle 2.  I saw Jeff Bezos on the Today Show this morning giving a demo.  It looks wider than I thought, but it’s very thin, and looks very light.  One of my coworkers has preordered one, and I’m looking forward to trying it out.  It seems like an extravagance, especially when I haven’t been buying many books lately.  It would be ideal for traveling, though.  I hauled 6 or 7 books to England with me two years ago; a Kindle sure would have been more handy.  It can also take a long time for the library to have bestsellers available – for instance, there was a 72-person-long waiting list for Twilight last year.  For $10.00, you could have it immediately if you wanted.  It’s something to think about.

Freezer storage season will be ending soon.  We were talking about it at work last week.  Every year, around the beginning of May, we all start eating out of our freezers.  The idea is, that if a hurricane knocks out the power for any length of time, we don’t want to have much in our freezers except for ice.  I made lasagna yesterday, and froze half of it (I’m eating the other half for lunch yesterday, today, tomorrow – it’s really good!).  I’ve also got two bowls of chili, eight bowls of soup, some frozen veggies, three pizzas, some cornbread, three loaves of bread, and a couple of bags of flour.  In a couple of months, I won’t be having to spend much at the grocery store for a while.


2 responses to “Random beginnings and endings

  1. I wish we could have done that for Breaking Dawn. Sadly the publisher had other plans. Three days before the release, Little Brown decided to change the release date of the kindle edition to a day later. It sucked.

  2. Ugh – gotta love the publishers, eh? (Not!)

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