End-of-the-month update

It’s March 1, and it’s time to gauge my progress towards my 2009 goals.  Here’s the lowdown for February:

  1. Weight:  this is definitely my weak spot.  I’ve gained 5 pounds since Jan. 1, so I now weigh 180.5.  Argh.  Now I have 20 pounds to lose in 10 months.  I think I only exercised two days in February.  That changes this week.
  2. I’m adding to the food storage gradually, and I have my N95 respirator masks now for protection in a flu epidemic.
  3. My fiscal discipline is much better than my health discipline.  I came in $148 under budget this month!  That amount has been transferred to savings.
  4. I paid the extra $100 towards my car loan this month.
  5. I’ve tossed a couple of old pieces of bread; otherwise, I haven’t wasted any food this month.

Everything is going well except for the weight loss.  That changes today.


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