Ingredients for an organic salad

Take 1/2 lb. of red leaf lettuce; several bunches of kale, a few green onions, some fresh parsley, a few small plum tomatoes, and a large bunch of broccoli.  Tear or cut everything into bite sizes and throw it all in a bowl.  Add dressing and eat.


This has been the best week of produce so far from the farm.  I took a huge salad to work yesterday, and there’s a slightly smaller one today waiting in the fridge.  I’ve trimmed the broccoli so that all I’m eating is the very tops – no stalks.  The tops are where all the nutrition is anyway.  I tear up the kale leaves just like the lettuce, and it’s great in the salad.  I put a little too much parsley in yesterday and that dominated the taste, so I cut back on that today.

It’s just so good.  I’m eating so healthy!  🙂

I’ve got to do some serious baking this weekend, though – I’ve got too many eggs.


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