It’s overwhelming sometimes…

…the number of things that I need to get done.j0309384

Some are small things, and some are big; some aren’t important and some are.  Some don’t cost anything, and some do.  Some I can do myself, and some I’m going to need help.

I need a list.  Actually, I need several lists.

I put part 1 of my plan into place today: I made a schedule for Monday through Saturday, that sets in place times to get things done and times to exercise.  Sunday will be down time if I want, or for working outside if I want.

Part 2 is to draw up some lists.  First I’m going to make three lists: things I can do that don’t take long, things I can do that are longer-term projects, and things I can’t do myself.  Then, I’m going to prioritize them.

That way, when I’m feeling overwhelmed by everything I have to do, I can just look at the list and do what’s next.  I think it will give me a better sense of control, and should actually improve the rate of getting things done. 

We’ll see how it works.

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