A bad month for money

Boy, did I bust the budget this month.

First, there are five weekends in the month.  It just so happened that my CSA payment and my haircut both were due on the first Saturday; so they repeated on the fifth Saturday.  That almost never happens.

Second, my flexible spending account money ran out.  So I suddenly had to start paying for my prescriptions with my “own” money.  (Of course it’s all my own money; but when it comes out of the paycheck before you get it, you don’t notice it.)  And one of my prescriptions is very expensive.  Plus there was that $437 visit to the allergist.

Then I went out of town for spring break, so I had about 1/3 more expense for gas this month – and a kennel bill.  Then it was time to renew Ralph’s heartworm and flea medicine, and for his yearly vet visit.  Argh.

On top of all that, I had to put new tires on my car.

My savings account has taken a real hit this month, so that I can pay all that off at once.  I’m going to have to live very cheaply/frugally/inexpensively/however you want to say it in April.

Sheesh.  One step forward, two steps back.

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