Garden update

My two little orange bell pepper seedlings are coming right along.  They’re about 1 1/2 to 2 inches tall and have two sets of leaves each.  They’re still pretty spindly, but it’s still too early to set them out.  Today I planted another one, along with two cherry tomatoes, one spinach, and one red bell pepper.  The red pepper is from seeds that I saved from a farmer’s market pepper last year.  We’ll see if anything comes from them.  Other than carrots, that will be the extent of my plantings from seeds this year.

I’ve been wanting to get a couple more shade trees for my yard.  I was thinking of live oaks, since they’re salt-tolerant.  I probably will still add one or two of those, but I’ve decided to order an almond tree, to see if it will grow.  It’s drought-tolerant, which is good, and since it’s self-pollinating and I’ll only need one, I can plant it on the west side of the house where it will be well-protected from any salt spray.  It’s only $9.00, so if it doesn’t make it, I won’t be out a huge amount of money.  If it does make it, I’ve got almonds!

For the rest of the season, I’m going to work on the rest of the yard.  I also have an idea for building two raised beds, at least one of which will be for strawberries.

I’m trying not to take on too many new things at once.  I think all of the above is plenty for my first year as a real gardener.


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