Hurricane prep

SCH087Hurricane season starts on June 1, less than two months away.  The official predictions for the number and severity of storms are coming out, and it’s time for all of us along the east and Gulf coasts to start thinking about our preparations and plans.  I usually start gathering food and supplies slowly, about this time of year.

Yesterday, I stumbled across the best hurricane prep website ever, IMHO.  It’s just called Hurricane Katrina, and it’s written by a guy who evacuated from New Orleans at the last minute with his wife and two small children.  He combines the story of his hurricane experience and lack of preparation with advice and instructions for what should be done.  It’s very detailed, both in his advice and instructions, and in a history of Katrina herself.

I haven’t made it through the whole site; there are pages and pages to read.  He has a workbook to put together, with lists and instructions that can be personalized for your own situation.  I’ve enjoyed reading it.  The guy’s name is Shane, and he writes in a very straightforward style, with a good bit of snarkiness thrown in.  I like that!

I’m definitely going to use this site to improve my hurricane prep.  Anyone who’s potentially in the path of a monster like Katrina should definitely check Shane’s site out.

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