Let me think about it

It’s mid-April, which means May is right around the corner, and then comes June 1 and hurricane season.  All of the local weatherpersons will point out that fact and tell us that it’s time to “start thinking about your preparations.”

If thinking about it was all it took, everyone in Florida would be prepared all the time.  We think about it a lot.  Unfortunately, not a lot of us take as much action as we should.

I’m trying to do better with that this year.  Having found this website helps motivate me.  The author of the site talks about HYST, which means Have Your – um, Stuff – Together.  If you HYST, then you don’t have to panic when the evacuation order comes, and/or run around like a chicken with your head cut off.

I’ve done the chicken imitation in the past.  Next time, I’d like to be more ready.  Over the weekend, I actually took some action.  Not the most important action, yet, but action nonetheless.

  • I moved the suitcases that I would pack with clothing into my closet, and emptied them of all the stuff I was 42-16958636storing in them.  Now they’re empty and ready to go, in the place where I’ll need them.
  • There are a few items of hanging clothes that I’d want to take with me.  I’ve hung them back-to-back in my closet so they’re all together.  Everything else that hangs, stays.
  • I’ve put together a small bag of all the toiletries I’d need for a couple of days away.  Any more than that, and I’ll be at my parents’ house, where I have all that stuff already.  I’ll keep it in one of my underwear drawers, ’cause the undies go too.
  • I’ve been keeping my camera in a drawer.  I can just as easily keep it in my computer bag, which hangs in the guest closet, and it’s just as accessible there.  That’s one less thing that I have to find and put in a bag.
  • I’ve been keeping my photos in albums and boxes on a bookshelf.  I’ve moved them all to bags, which are all lined up on a shelf in my guest bedroom.  It took a while to do that; now it’s done and all I’ll have to do is grab the bags and toss them in the car.  The pictures are just as accessible in the bags as they were on the bookshelf. 

The most important action, of course, is to get all my important papers together.  I still have to do that.  At least I know where they all are.

By June 1, I’ll be ready.


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