No more excuses!

I went shopping Friday after work.  A local department store that I like was having a 50% + 40% off sale.  That’s hard to pass up.  So I went to check it out.  I got a pair of pajama bottoms for $8.50.  They had a lot of pants and capris that might have fit, but…I felt so disgusted with myself because of my weight and the way I feel in my clothes, that I just didn’t want to try anything on.

I guess that was the final motivating factor, because I got up Saturday morning and went for a 30 minute walk.  I did

Put one foot in front of the other, repeat

Put one foot in front of the other, repeat

the same yesterday morning.  My walking muscles are complaining greatly, but it feels good too.  You know how it is, now I’m kicking myself for not starting this sooner, but at least I’ve started now.

I’m going to switch to unsweetened tea during the week for my caffeine, and save the Coke for the weekends.  That will cut calories (and save money), which will help the walking have an effect even sooner.

And…we hadn’t even talked about this, but after my walk yesterday morning, my best friend called me and said she had been looking at pictures of herself and her kids (her daughter is graduating from high school next month) and marveling at how thin she was, even after having two kids, when her daughter started school.  She’s taller than me, and weighs about 7 pounds more, so she’s got the same job to do on her weight.

So anyway, she was telling me yesterday how she was starting to walk again in the morning, no matter what, and I had to laugh and tell her that I had just done exactly the same thing.

She and I used to live closer to each other, and we’d walk in the mornings before work.  Now we live too far apart to walk together during the week, but her house is on the way to the farm, so I’m going to stop there on Saturdays on my way to the farm and we’ll walk together then.

We can hold each other accountable.  That’s very important!

And maybe the next time there’s a great sale, I’ll try something on.

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