Recycle your old trophies

Recycle that puppy

Recycle that puppy

Back in the old days (the 1990s), I used to take part in 5K walk-run events.  There was a group of us from work that did them together.  Most of the events welcomed walkers, but most didn’t keep times for walkers and give awards for the fastest walks.  One did, though; an event in South Daytona.  I participated in it twice, and won trophies both times – one for coming in second in my age group, and one for coming in first.  Woo hoo!

The trophies aren’t huge, and they aren’t personalized – there’s nothing really special about them.  They collect a lot of dust, and if I was to move again, I wouldn’t want to take them with me.  So I’m going to get rid of them now.

I found a place online where I can recycle them.  The company takes old trophies, plaques, awards, etc. and recycles them into awards for events like Special Olympics.  The company donates the recycled trophies to these events.

That sounds like a great plan to me.  Without this opportunity to recycle, my trophies would eventually end up in the trash.

Here’s the name and address:

Creative Images

236 Blair St.

Grove City, PA 16127

I’m going to send my trophies off and see what (if anything) happens.


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