Morning at the beach

I walked on the beach this morning, for the first time in a long time.  The tide was low enough at sunrise that I could see the sun come up while I was walking.  It’s different every time.  One of the things I would like to do at some point is to take a picture of our sunrise on the beach, every day for a year.

Daytona Beach claims the title of “World’s Most Famous Beach.”  I don’t know about that; I think Waikiki might give us a run for the money.  But our beach is much better than Waikiki’s, imho (yes, I’ve been to Waikiki Beach).  The beach at Waikiki is very narrow and very steeply sloped, with very soft sand.  It’s really nice for laying in the sun, but not so great for walking.  Our beach is very wide, very flat, and has plenty of firm sand.  There are a few spots that are soft.  Sometimes we get a large influx of coquina sand.  The grains are reddish and flat and stick to you if you have sunscreen on or if you’ve already been in the water.  The coquina sand is also very soft to walk in, and impossible to drive in.

But right now, the beach is perfect for walking.  Flat, firm sand at low tide by the water’s edge.

The seagulls were sleeping in

The seagulls were sleeping in

There weren’t many shells, and I didn’t see much wildlife.  We never have great shelling like the Gulf coast does, but I have gotten some nice big shells and two intact sand dollars out there.  This morning there was nothing.  There were a few pelicans and one seagull.  I love to watch pelicans fly.  They fly single file, so close to the waves that sometimes a wing dips in.  There weren’t any other birds at all, which is unusual.  No dolphins either, which is not so unusual.  I saw a couple of boats way out on the horizon.  One was really moving, and the other was a sailboat that seemed to be making good time, but not as fast as the other.  There’s always something to see, but the sunrise alone is worth the effort.

I’ll be back out there tomorrow.


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