I miss the Sunday paper

I subscribed to our local newspaper on the weekends for a long time.  I didn’t have time to read the weekly paper in

Those were the days

Those were the days

the mornings before work, but I enjoyed starting Saturday and Sunday in a leisurely fashion with the newspaper.

The last time my renewal came up, it was at a time when I just didn’t have the money right then.  So I decided to not renew at all.  I’ve dropped all of my magazine subscriptions since then, too.  I’ve saved a good bit of money that way.

Our newspaper, like many others, has fallen on hard times.  Around the time that I stopped subscribing, it was starting to cut back on sections.  Now, I understand, it’s dwindled away to a shadow of its former self.  Right after I sent in my notice of non-renewal, I got a call from the paper’s subscription department.  The lady was practically begging me to renew.  I expect they’ve lost quite a few subscribers, with the economic conditions here.

But it’s just foolish for me to get the paper at home any more…because we get it at work.  The whole thing, coupons and all.  I can sit at lunch on Monday and cut out any coupons I like.  That’s one of the huge advantages of working in a library.

Still – I used to enjoy sitting on Sunday afternoons, reading the paper while the Braves game was on.

No more Braves games, no more Sunday paper.

I miss both of them.


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