Garden update

My seedlings are all growing, but they look awfully spindly.  I guess at this age, they’re supposed to.  The cherry tomatoes in particular are very tall and leggy.  The spinach isn’t doing much at all.  I don’t know if it’s supposed to be

Grow, baby, grow

Grow, baby, grow

this slow-growing or not.

The bell peppers that I started from seed are doing okay.  The older ones seem to have stalled out somewhat, and I wonder if it was too cool for them when I started.  The others are growing much more quickly than the old ones did.

The bell pepper transplant that I got at Target is doing great.  It’s growing, gotten lots of new leaves, and I think I might see a couple of teeny tiny peppers starting to form.  There aren’t any flowers; I don’t know if they’re supposed to have them or not.

It’s warm enough to transplant the seedlings, as soon as they get strong enough.

I may buy a tomato plant the next time I’m at Lowes, just in case.


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