Garden update

I was out of town most of this week, and when I got back yesterday, my trees and blackberry bush were waiting on the front porch.  (They had just been delivered, so they weren’t sitting out in the heat for four days.)  I planted the blackberry bush today.  It’s in a corner of the back yard, just inside the fence, against the west-facing section of the garage wall.  I had to dig up a good chunk of ground for it, then I mixed in a half-bag of potting mix with the dirt.  I planted it per the instructions, and then mulched it with some of my compost.

The compost isn’t perfect; I guess it needs to be cured or something.  But it’s not recognizable as any other plant matter now, and it’s nice and dark in color.  I’ve used it for mulch on the bell pepper, in addition to the blackberry bush.  I figure that it will hold in the moisture, plus when I water the plants through it, some of the nutrients from it will be carried down to the roots with the water.

The bell pepper that I bought at Lowes is blooming.  What I thought was tiny little peppers were the buds.  The flowers are white, and there are three of them.  The plant looks good.

The seedlings are still doing well, especially the cherry tomatoes.  The orange bell peppers are coming along, but more slowly.  The spinach bit the dust; I’ll have to try that one again. 

I have to dig out areas for the almond tree and the apple tree as well.  I’ll plant the apple tree tomorrow and the almond on Monday.  I’m off next week, so I can get a lot done in the yard.


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