It’s not summer yet!

But it sure feels like it.

All last week, the high temperatures were around 90.  It’s not unusual to have a few 90 degree days in May, but it is unusual to have such a long string of them.  Yesterday, at the farm, it was 96 degrees, and at my friend’s house about 5



miles west of town, it was 105.  That’s even hot for August, much less May.

I didn’t get a tree planted today.  I got a late start outdoors because I went to church, so I decided to not do anything too strenuous.  I picked up and bagged some yard waste, and finished trimming the large bush in the back yard.  Even so, I was dripping by the time I got done.

In spite of the heat, the bell pepper plant is growing every day.  The blackberry bush I just planted yesterday has three new leaves.  I guess with enough water, the heat doesn’t matter that much.

I did end the lives of the spinach plant and the first two bell peppers I started from seed.  They had all stalled out and weren’t worth the water any more.  I composted them.  I may try another spinach plant.

Tomorrow I’ll get started early, right after my walk.  I’m going to try to dig both holes in the morning, then I’ll wait until evening to actually put the trees in the ground.

At least that will give them a 12 hour head start before the heat hits.


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