Here comes the rain again

The good news is that it’s raining.  The interesting news is that it’s been raining, with only a few short breaks, since Monday morning.  Right now it’s pouring.  On my drive to work, there were several sections of several streets that were under water.

I was scheduled to have my roof inspected on Tuesday morning.  The guy called to cancel yesterday, and rescheduled for today; today, of course he had to reschedule for tomorrow.  I’m not sure tomorrow will be any better.

My plants are looking great.  I had to prop the bell pepper plant up, because with the wind, the weight of the pepper was causing the whole plant to lean in its direction.  The apple tree is sprouting like crazy, as is the blackberry bush.  There’s not as much action from the almond tree yet.  The lantana and beach sunflower that I planted last week are extremely happy.  This should get them well established, then they won’t need any water for a while.

The only down side is that the weather is playing havoc with my walking schedule.  I was walking very consistently right through Monday morning before the rain started; now I’ve missed two days.  I have so many clothes that I can almost fit into, and I’m anxious to fit into them!


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