In the jungle, the quiet jungle

None of these guys in my jungle

None of these guys in my jungle

The jungle that is my yard, that is.

It’s stopped raining; it hasn’t rained since last Saturday night.  Now the sun is out, and the wild growth is already beginning in my yard.  I went out this morning and spent a couple of hours digging up crabgrass (or at least what I think is crabgrass).  I concentrated on the corner of the north yard at the base of the driveway, because that’s where the infestation is the thickest right now.  There’s also St. Augustine grass heading in that direction, and if it doesn’t have any competition, it might fill in there.

The grass does need to be mowed, but I don’t think I’m going to get to that today.  I have another three day weekend next weekend (I have Friday off), so I’ll get it done then for sure.

It’s hot – not quite to summer standards yet, but getting there.  We’re supposed to be settling into our summer pattern of afternoon thunderstorms as of today. 

When I was digging, the ground was still plenty damp.  It makes it harder to get the weeds out, because the soil doesn’t separate from the roots.  It was amazing how little ground I covered in two hours.

Someday, I will have a low-maintenance yard.  Someday.


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