Summer’s here

Man, is it hot.  I took today off because I had another personal day left (use it or lose it by June 30) and I had two doctor’s appointments.  I thought I’d come home after those and mow my over-the-ankle grass, but it was just too

Hot, hot, hot

Hot, hot, hot

hot.  It may not be summer on the calendar yet, but it’s here already in this location.

I did manage to pick up all my old yard waste and to almost finish trimming one of the two big shrubs at the end of my driveway.  They’ve both been growing like crazy.  They’re usually round, but they had become positively shaggy.  One is finished except for the very top.  I need the ladder for that.  I’ll start the other soon.  They’re twins; they like to match.  🙂

Even with all the rain we had last week, and the rain we’ve had nearly every day since, my apple tree was looking droopy around noon today.  I watered it, and it perked back up.  I’ll have to keep an eye on it, I guess.  It may need water every day, even with daily rains.  It’s grown about four inches since I planted it three weeks ago and has quite a few leaves.

I have a fully grown, beautiful green pepper on my red pepper plant.  My gardening book says to harvest the peppers green early in the season, so the plant will produce more fruit.  So far, this is the only pepper on the plant.  Maybe I will go ahead and pick it, to see if I can get some more to come on.  It’ll be very cool to eat the very first thing I ever grew!

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