Changing the landscape

I walked on the beach this morning.  The sun was already up, but it was at low tide, so it was good walking.  The beach is pounded flat after all the rain and waves that came with it.  In some areas the high tide reached all the way up to the seawalls; in others there’s a little soft sand left. 

When I got back, I came in and drank some water then went back out and mowed.  I could only do about 2/3 of the yard before I gave out.  I think I wasn’t rehydrated enough from having sweated during my walk.  I’ll finish that tomorrow afternoon.

I have a kind of flower box built on to the house; it’s big and reaches to the ground.  When I moved here it was just full

This is a nice soft fern, not a nasty asparagus fern.

This is a nice soft fern, not a nasty asparagus fern.

of the plant I know as “wandering Jew.”  Several years ago, a friend gave me several plants, including an asparagus fern.  I planted that in the flower box as well.

Needless to say, the asparagus fern has thrived.  That flower box doesn’t get much rain because it’s sheltered by eaves, but the fern doesn’t need much.  It’s expanded to the point where it was taking up most of the area.  I’ve been thinking for some time that I’d like to grow something different in that flower box.  I’ve also been thinking that the asparagus fern would be a good addition to the slope in my north yard.  It would drape over the slope and hide it, and spread out and hold the slope together.  (There were some erosion issues with all the rain last week.)

So, after I came inside and drank some Gatorade and more water, I went back out and dug out the fern.  It took a long time.  First, it’s got little needle-like things that stick you.  My arms look like I’ve been wrestling with a mad cat.  Second, the root system is extensive.  I used a trowel and a shovel, and finally ended up using a steak knife to cut around the plant to get it out.  Whew.  I had to enlarge the hole I’d dug at the top of the slope, but then I got it in the ground without further ado.  I watered it and fluffed it back out (I’d compacted the fronds somewhat for easier transport).

So, with the beach sunflower and the fern and a couple of other attractive weeds, the slope is coming along nicely.

The next chores are to trim the other bush and keep digging up the crabgrass.

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