Yard and garden update

Not me.  There will never be peas in my garden.

Not me. There will never be peas in my garden.

We’ve had decent rain the past three days, so the plants are doing well.  The beach sunflower in particular is looking good.  I also haven’t had to water any over the weekend.  My water bill was a few dollars higher last month – ack.

The most exciting development is that my blackberry “bush” is blooming!  I put “bush” in quotes because it’s really still just a stick with leaves.  At the very top there’s one small, white blossom.  VERY exciting!!  You don’t suppose I’ll have any blackberries this fall, do you???  I’d better get a net of some sort to protect the berries from the birds.  If there are any, even only a handful, I want them all to myself.  🙂

I didn’t get the shrub trimming finished this weekend, but I’m almost there.  The mohawk is gone from the first shrub, so it’s done, and the second one is about halfway to its own mohawk.  It’ll be done by the end of the week, then I can pick my goal for the coming weekend.  I think that goal will be to finish the area where I planted junipers in the winter.  It’s gotten very messy from neglect, and it’s another great example of a half-finished project.

The apple “tree” (also just a stick with leaves) and the pepper plant are still growing, but there’s no sign of any more peppers.  It might need some fertilizer; the potting mix was new, so that’s hard to imagine, but it’s worth a try.  If I could grow another pepper, I could cut the cost of the pepper project from $10.00/pepper to $5.00/pepper.  Heh heh.


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