Hurricane prep: eating down the freezer

We’re nine days into hurricane season.  The newspapers and TV stations have all published their “hurricane survival

People, get ready

People, get ready

guides.”  The Weather Channel has begun doing their Tropical Update at :50 on every hour.  The good news (at least for the areas affected by Atlantic hurricanes) is that there may be an El Nino forming.  El Nino produces wind shear that tends to blow the tops off of Atlantic tropical storms so they don’t strengthen.  That usually means a lower-than-average number of Atlantic storms.  (Unfortunately, El Nino tends to cause a greater number of Pacific storms.)

As with any discussion of hurricanes, though, “it only takes one.”  So we’ve still got to be ready.
One of the things that we do here to get ready is to reduce the amount of food stored in our freezers.  That way, if the power goes out for several days, we don’t lose anything valuable and/or have to grill up enough meat at once to feed the whole neighborhood. 
So, it’s time to start eating what’s in the freezer, and replace it with ice.  Right now, here’s what’s in the freezer: a London broil, four pork chops, several bean and egg burritos, two cheese pizzas, some frozen onions and celery, a family-size lasagna, a box of popsicles, some frozen vegetable stock, a half-recipe of cornbread, a bag of Brussels sprouts, two bags of flour, and five boxes of buckwheat pancake mix. 
There’s also a lot of ice already, and I filled up six gallon-size freezer bags with water this morning and laid them in the chest freezer.  They stack up very nicely.  Melted ice becomes drinking water in times of emergency, and I think right now I have enough for both Ralph and me for at least a week.  I’m going to make more, though.
So you can see what my meal plans will consist of for the next few weeks.  I’ll leave the popsicles in there, and the flour and pancake mix should be fine no matter what, but everything else needs to be eaten.  And it will be.
The only problem is that lately, Publix has been having excellent sales on meat.  I have the London broil and the pork chops because their prices were reduced about 50% from the usual per-pound cost.  I couldn’t turn those down.  I can’t take advantage of any more of those sales, though, until the freezer is empty and I can use whatever I buy that week.
I also have a big container of frozen strawberries.  There’s strawberry cobbler in my future…mmmmmm….  🙂

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