Spices are expensive!

I spent $93.00 at the grocery store Saturday.  Argh.  That’s considering, though, that I didn’t even go to the store last weekend.  And, a lot of that cost was spices.

The most expensive ones were coriander and curry paste at $4.00 each.  I also got cumin, paprika, turmeric, cayenne

Pure gold, in tasty powdered form

Pure gold, in tasty powdered form

pepper, white pepper, curry powder, fish sauce, and coconut milk.  I’ve discovered a love for curry, and I’m going to learn how to make it.

I got the Publix brands where I could, but they don’t have the more exotic ones like coriander and cayenne pepper (not that those are extremely exotic – I guess they’re just not used as commonly).  I had to upgrade to McCormick for all the others, except for the coriander and cayenne, for which I had to buy Spice Islands brand – the most expensive of all.  There was a whole selection of organic McCormick spices, but those suckers are REALLY expensive.  I didn’t get any of those.

Fortunately, most recipes call for very small amounts of these things.  Otherwise I couldn’t afford to make curry at home.

None of the bottles say where the spices are from (although the curry paste, coconut milk and fish sauce are all from Thailand).  I guess we don’t grow many spices here, so they all have to be imported.  And they’re probably time-consuming to harvest, which is why they cost so much.

I am going to use these very sparingly.


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