The solar oven and the summer solstice

Yesterday was nearly ideal for a solar oven test.  High temperature of 98 F, very few clouds, and the longest day of the year.

I preheated the oven (i.e., set it out in the sun), mixed up my mango-banana bread batter, and got it into the pans and the oven by about 11:20 am.  The recipe estimated a cooking time of 1 1/2 hours.

The good news was that the bread baked fine.  It got completely done and was moist.

The bad news was that it took 3 1/2 hours, not 1 1/2.  I don’t know how where these people got their cooking times – must have been the Equator.

The weird news was that it didn’t rise much.  Neither did the cornbread that I tested in December. I wouldn’t want to bake a yeast bread in it unless I had to.

I’m thinking that maybe baked goods are not the best fit for the oven.  I think I’ll try some veggies and/or rice next.  I’m still afraid to put meat in it.  Maybe the next time chicken legs are on sale, I’ll give those a shot.


2 responses to “The solar oven and the summer solstice

  1. You can make the mango-banana bread in 90 minutes if you refocus the Sun Oven every 30 minutes to follow the sun. Hope you try it again. It sounds delicious!

  2. It was delicious. I did reposition the oven every 30 to 60 minutes. I don’t have the extra reflectors on my oven – but I wouldn’t think I’d need them in Florida – ??

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