What’s going on in the garden

We haven’t had any rain for a while.  It rains inland in the afternoon, but the serious rain doesn’t make it back to the coast.  The grass growth has slowed down, which is good.

The honeysuckle vine is blooming like crazy.  It smells great in the back yard.

My second bell pepper is getting nearly ready to harvest.  I’m keeping that plant well watered.  It looks like I might have at least two more peppers starting at the top of the plant.  The price per pepper is dropping fast!

The apple tree is growing well, as is the blackberry bush.  The almond tree is sprouting from the bottom, which seems weird.  But it is sprouting.

The transplants in the front yard are doing well and taking over.  I have to get out there and do some weeding.  I’m losing my edging along the sidewalk again.

I’m eating the mango-banana bread that I made in the solar oven for breakfast this week.  It’s pretty good.  Since it doesn’t really form a crust, I’m slicing it in half and toasting it before I eat it.  It’s thin, since it doesn’t rise much, so it’s hard to slice. 

North Carolina blueberries are on sale at Publix this week.  I see fresh blueberry muffins in my future.  Mmmmm…..


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