Another reason I love Google

I spend a lot of time on Google.  Librarians use Google a lot, although some might not want to admit that.  There’s no secret to searching the Internet; the secret is knowing what to use and what to discard.  That’s one of the many reasons the world still needs librarians!

Google is my home page at home.  It would be at work, too, but we can’t change our home pages from our intranet portal.  (Ugh.)  I use iGoogle, which is the one you can customize to put all kinds of gadgets on your home page.  I have the news; the time and weather, the financial market summary for the day, The Daily Puppy, and a customized search engine that I put together myself, of all of the open access journal sites.  (I’m going to do another search engine, to search the deep web.)

But my favorite Google gadget is something called “My ToDo List.”  I just found it recently.  It looks just like a yellow legal pad (but smaller), and I can make a list of things to do that’s as long as I want.  I use it to set my goals for the coming day at work.  Then, they’re right in front of me, and I can delete them as I do them.  When I make lists in calendars, or on sticky notes, they always tend to disappear under something else.  This list is always on my desktop, and that’s what I’m looking at a lot of the time.

It’s the most convenient to-do list I’ve ever found.


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