Good and bad news on the home front

I did some weeding this morning, particularly around two new plants: the elephant ear plant I got at the farm, which is going great guns, and the beach sunflower I planted on my slope.  It’s really spreading, and doing just what I wanted it to do: taking over that whole area.  When I get more of that slope cleared, I’m going to transplant some more from around the mailboxes.  Eventually that whole section of the yard should be under cover.  We’re getting just enough rain that everything is continuing to grow well.  A little too well, in the case of the weeds.

I was dreading getting my electric bill this month, and it was in today’s email: $136.63.  Argh!  I’ve got to turn the thermostat back up to 78, I guess.  It’s been very comfortable at 77, though.  I get hot so easily, and it’s really hard to get cooled back down.  You wouldn’t think that one degree would make such a difference, but believe me, beyond a “certain age,” it definitely does.

Chicken dark meat was on sale this week for $0.99 per pound, so I got about 2 1/2 pounds.  I’m going to try it in the solar oven tomorrow.


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