The second pepper

I harvested my second bell pepper yesterday, and there’s already a third one starting.  The per-pepper cost is dropping precipitously!  If I can get a couple more, I’ll get the cost below grocery store cost.  That would be a great success.

That plant really sucks up the water.  If I’m going to grow many more vegetables in the future, I’m going to have to come up with a better watering system.  I may invest in some self-watering containers.

The fruit trees are doing well.  The apple tree is really growing.  I don’t have it staked, and sometimes in the wind it bends quite a bit.  I think that will make it stronger in the long run, though.  The almond tree is getting a lot of leaves, but still sprouting from the bottom.  Weird.  The blackberry bush is still growing too.

The pepper I cut yesterday was smaller than the first, but it was starting to turn color at the top.  (They’re supposed to be orange.)  Maybe I can let the next one turn to orange.  This one is going into a recipe called Red Curry of Peppers with Cashews.  Mmmmm.


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