Another weekend, gone…

The weekends go by so fast.  I have all these plans to get things done, and before I know it, I’m out of time.  I weeded for two hours Saturday morning, and my legs were so sore afterwards that I couldn’t do any more weeding for the weekend. 

When I came home from church yesterday, my neighbor was edging my sidewalks.  I told him, I think he’s the best neighbor I’ve ever had.  So at least that’s done.  I have to try to keep up with that better so he doesn’t feel like he has to do it.

A weird occurrence: there is a tomato plant growing at the base of my compost bin.  I didn’t plant any tomatoes.  I guess some seeds must have escaped.  I haven’t watered it or anything; I’ve just watched it.  And now, the darn thing is blooming!  I wonder if I’m going to get any tomatoes?  And if so, what will they be like?

The third bell pepper is coming right along.  It should be ready to pick in another week or so.

It’s getting to be peach season, so I’ve got to head to the farmer’s market next Saturday.  I haven’t been there since the CSA stopped for the season, and it’s time to get some good produce.


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