This is how rumors get started

I was getting my hair cut on Saturday, and there was an elderly woman there with her daughter.  The older lady said that she had heard on the radio that Starbucks was going to offer liquor in its cafes.  I said (not loudly enough to be heard by the lady), “I don’t believe that.  That has to be a rumor.”

Well, as it so often turns out, there is a kernel of truth in that wildly inaccurate rumor.  Starbucks is not going to have liquor in the old traditional Starbucks cafes.  According to the Seattle Times, Starbucks is testing a new concept, only in Seattle, for a coffeehouse/wine and beer bar that will be open at night and have live music.  The new places aren’t even going to be called Starbucks; they’re going to be named after the neighborhoods they’re in.  The first one is going to be called 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea.

So there’s the truth behind that ridiculous rumor.  I’m not a big patron of Starbucks (I don’t drink coffee, so it seems kind of pointless), but my point is this: when you hear a rumor in your own salon, check it out before you spread it.


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