Blueberry muffins

Until recently, I made blueberry muffins from a boxed mix.  I sometimes added a few more blueberries, but other than that, I didn’t change the mix any.  I liked the way they tasted, and I usually bought the mix when I had a coupon or when it was buy one, get one free.

Lately I’ve tried to make more things from scratch.  Blueberries have been on sale for the past month, so a couple of weeks ago I tried a recipe that I’d copied years ago from Cooking Light.  They tasted very different from the mix, of course, and I decided that I didn’t like them well enough to keep them in my recipe book.  So I took that page out.

This morning, I tried another recipe – the basic muffin recipe from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything: The Basics, modified as he suggested to add blueberries.  (I had a few too many blueberries; oh well.)  They were good, and I definitely prefer them to the Cooking Light recipe.  They were more cinnamon-y than I was used to, but I like it.

The main thing I’ve noted about both of the scratch recipes is that they are noticeably less sweet than the box mix.  That’s fine, but it takes some getting used to.

Just a comment on using mixes vs. making things from scratch: the mixes are apparently formulated to appeal to our sweet teeth. (No surprise there.)  But you can’t realize how true that is until you make the recipe from scratch.

I’ll never go back to the box!

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