Fire Ants!!

I love animals.  Of course, I favor mammals, especially four-legged, fur-bearing ones.  I love birds, too.  Many reptiles  and amphibians are fine with me as well.  There are even some insects that I don’t mind.  I try my best to live in harmony with all of these, and to not do anything that would directly endanger them.

There is one glaring exception.  I plead self-defense.  Fire ants are my nemesis.  I am allergic to them.  Allergic in terms of total body hives, shortness of breath, and eventual death.  That kind of allergic.  Fire ants want to directly endanger me.  Therefore, I have to defend myself against them.

I know fire ants are not all bad.  I read at some point that they eat mosquito larvae, maybe??  I don’t remember exactly, but it was a beneficial thing.  This seems to be a good year for them.  There are fire ant mounds everywhere.  We’ve had a lot of rain, so maybe they’re here to chow down on all those mosquito larvae.

Many fire ants means much danger for me.  They’ve been encroaching lately, getting closer and closer to the house.  So, yesterday (in self-defense, remember), I broke out the big guns.


Sprinkle some around the opening of the mound, and the ants immediately start carrying the granules into their nest.  A day later, there are no ants.

Of course they pop up later somewhere else, but if they want to live, they’ll pop up in someone else’s yard.


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