Migraines: not just a nuisance

I have migraines.  Generally, they’re not very severe.  I know that I’m much more fortunate than a lot of people, who have to take to their beds for days.  I take Imitrex, and it usually works very well.  (And Imitrex is generic now.  Yay!)  I don’t miss much work because of them.  Mine aren’t triggered by any kind of food, so I haven’t had to give anything up.  I’m very fortunate.

However, fortunate is a relative term.  There is some evidence that with every migraine, a bit of brain damage occurs.  We are also more susceptible to stroke than the non-migraine population.  Stroke runs in my family, so I have to be vigilant.

The biggest problem for me, though, is that the migraines wreck my productivity.  When I have one, I can’t do anything that requires my glasses (reading or using the computer).  I can’t stand the heat, so I can’t work outside.  Even the TV bothers me.  If the meds don’t work, I get the most relief from lying in bed on my left side in the dark.  Can’t get much done that way.

The migraines are a real nuisance.  And more.


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