Erosion control

The beach sunflower that I planted on the slope in my front yard is doing great.  It’s taking over the slope and moving up into the yard, which is what I wanted it to do.  I cleared off more of the remaining slope this morning so the sunflower would have room to spread.  I also liberated more of the plant from around my mailbox and transplanted it in two locations.  One is on the slope and one is at the end of my driveway, in the corner of the north yard.  The transplants need to be watered, but I’m going to see if it rains this afternoon first.  Then if it doesn’t, I’ll water them this evening.

I had thought about several different ground cover options for that slope, but I’m glad I picked the beach sunflower.  For one thing, it’s all been free for the taking.  For another, it blooms nearly continuously.  It’s pretty, with the yellow flowers against the shiny dark green leaves. 

Now I just have to trim the part of it that’s growing out into the sidewalk.  🙂


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