Florida in the summer for vacation??

I got to the grocery store a little late yesterday morning.  When that happens, I have to contend with two different kinds of people crowding the store: the elderly that can’t get up and out early in the morning, and tourists.  The elderly are not so bad, shopping-wise.  The tourists, though, are kind of a pain.  They don’t know where anything is.  They bring all of their kids with them.  They take forever in the checkout line because of the kids.  It’s a small nuisance, but a nuisance nonetheless.

I can’t imagine why anyone would come here for vacation in the summer.  It’s nasty hot and humid.  The beaches are packed with locals, looking for a little relief from the heat.  The traffic on the beach is heavy, and visitors are much more likely to get run over.  There are jellyfish and other crap in the water.  And generally, every afternoon, the beaches are cleared because of lightning.  It’s just not a very pleasant way to spend a vacation. 

Now, fall, winter and spring – that’s another story.  It’s great to be here then.  It might be a little cool for swimsuits on the beach (or it might not), but the crowds aren’t as bad (except for Bike Week).

I live here, and I don’t even want to be here in the summer.  I can’t imagine coming here for vacation, when there are so many other beaches available in cooler northern climes.

It takes all kinds.

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