Garden update

The pepper plant is about out of gas, I believe.  It doesn’t seem to be adding any new leaves and looks wilty, no matter how  much water or rain it gets.  The latest pepper is done growing, but is turning color. I’m going to leave it on the plant until it turns red, like it’s supposed to be.  It didn’t get as big as the others – the length is okay, but it’s thin.  That doesn’t matter – I’m sure it will be delicious.

The rogue tomato is still growing.  I have it tied to the compost bin (the air slats in the side) and the chain link fence; it’s now taller than the compost bin and is continuing to bloom.  The two tomatoes that are on it are still growing too, but are still pale green.  I’m anxious to see how those are going to turn out.

The apple tree is getting taller every day.  It’s really doing well.  So far I haven’t had to stake it.  It gets blown around some in the storms, but I think that will make it stronger in the long run.

The blackberry bush is doing well too; it’s getting taller and is starting to branch out some at the bottom.  I had to stake it, one side to the chain link fence and the other to one of my gutter downspouts.  I’m going to divert the output from that downspout so that it flows directly to the base of the blackberry plant.  It’s just a short distance.

I can’t figure out the almond tree.  The sprouts from the base of the “stick” are as tall as the stick now, but I don’t know if the stick is going to be the trunk, or if the sprouts are going to be multiple trunks.  I’m going to have to research that.

I’m going to plant brussels sprouts and broccoli this weekend.  I got the potting mix at Lowes last weekend.  The back of the seed packs say to plant 4 to 5 months before the first expected frost – ha.  We don’t have expected frosts.  Some years it doesn’t frost at all.  So, I’m going with the “mid to late summer” instructions, and hoping for a good result.  It will be so cool if those do well.

I got an email from the CSA farmer; he’s doing his fall planting and getting geared up for the season, which will start in November or December again.  His list of veggies is longer this year; I hope that turns out to be true.  Last year some of the things I was looking forward to (squash and eggplants) didn’t grow quickly enough for us to get any. 

With luck, I’ll be able to supplement the CSA box with veggies of my own.  🙂


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