Ah, weekends

I have the best intentions.  I really do.  Every Friday evening, I think, “Okay, tomorrow I’m going to…” and make a long list of things. Naturally, I don’t get everything done on Saturday, so I decide I’ll do the rest on Sunday.  Ha.

This weekend, I mowed 40% of the yard, read two books and checked out two more, did two loads of laundry, went grocery shopping, went back-to-school shopping, made chili, balanced the budget, and went to church.  (Actually, when I look at that list, I don’t look like such a slacker after all.)

However, I didn’t mow the rest of the yard, vacuum the house, do the rest of the laundry, pull weeds, trim bushes, or anything else I had thought about doing.  Reading two books gets in the way of a lot of that other stuff, as it turns out.

We’re due for a dry spell, which we could use after what has been a very rainy summer so far.  That will help slow down the growth of the jungle that is my yard.  Maybe mowing won’t be such a chore, and I can get some other yard work done before risking heat stroke.

Or, I could just decide that I’m going to read as much as I want while it’s hot, then declare a moratorium on reading during the cool weather.

Unfortunately for me, I can justify almost anything.


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