The broccoli is sprouting!

There’s a tiny little sprout coming up, barely over the dirt, right in the middle of the pot.  Woo hoo!

I harvested the remaining bell pepper; it’s a deep red color, almost brown on one side.  I’m going to put it in a chickpea salad for next week’s lunches.

The apple tree is getting so tall, I’m going to stake it.  We’re getting into the busy part of hurricane season, and I don’t want it to be damaged.

Ralph, pretending to be a bull in a china shop (a Lab in a garden shop?), broke off the top half of the blackberry bush.  It still has a lot of growth from the base, so it should be fine, but it was getting tall too, and now it’s not.  Grrr.

The almond tree branches that are growing from the base of the “stick” are now taller than the stick itself.  They look good.

No sign of any action in the Brussels sprouts pot yet.


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