Attack of the tomato killers!

My rogue tomato plant is still thriving.  The bigger tomatoes are finally starting to turn red.  I think they’re plum tomatoes.  I don’t know if the seeds came from the grocery store or from the farm, but these tomatoes are much bigger than any I got at the farm.

I went out yesterday morning and, to my horror, discovered a HUGE tomato hornworm on one of the branches.  The leaves were stripped on three branches – it had been busy.  I cut that whole branch off and threw it in the dumpster, in with the doggie doo.  There was also a small tomato that had something in it – it looked like the thing in the movie Alien, busting out of this poor invaded tomato.  It had to have something to do with the hornworm.  There was also one tomato with some hornworm-sized bitemarks in it, so I pulled that one off too.

I think I’m going to have to get some insecticide of some sort.  The apple tree’s leaves are being munched too, by some small, very white bugs.  I pulled all of them I could find off last night.  Ack.

I didn’t plant this tomato, but I sure am looking forward to eating tomatoes.  I don’t want to share with any nasty worms.


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