More adventures in buying USA

As my pants size has increased over the past three years, so has my belt size.  I only had one belt that fit.  Fortunately it was my black one, which is the one I wear the most.  My brown one was always a little small, and it’s way too small now.  So I had to get a new one.

I found one online, on a website called Natural Reflections.  They make all kinds of leather goods, not just belts.  (They have a couple of purses I really like!  But I don’t need one right now.)  I had an excellent experience with them.  I ordered on a Sunday, and immediately got an email that said, “If you don’t receive your order by Friday, respond to this email and let us know!”  That never happened before.  It came on that Wednesday.  It’s very well made and I like it a lot.  I probably won’t need another brown belt in my working career.

I have spent more money on the toy recycling truck and on this belt than I would have if I wasn’t determined to buy Made in USA items.  However, I’ve also saved money, because I haven’t gone to Target to look for toys and belts and ended up coming home with a lot more stuff than I intended to buy.  I also haven’t spent any time or gas money driving around town looking (in vain, I’ll bet) for Made in USA goods.  I think that offsets any increased price.  And the prices are not increased that much.  It’s worth it to me to save the time, get exactly what I want, and support a US manufacturer.

So far, so good.  🙂


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