Tomato harvest!

I’ve picked my first two tomatoes!  For plum tomatoes, they’re a  nice size, and they’re almost completely red.  No worm holes either.  They’re on the kitchen windowsill, continuing to ripen.

It’s been raining hard on and off for three days, and my broccoli sprouts are suffering.  They get flattened and I have to prop them up.  I hope I can nurse them through this.  I’m going to move them under the eaves so they won’t get pounded quite so much.  They have plenty of water on board and don’t need any more rain right now!

There are a lot more tomatoes, but none are turning red yet.  I’m keeping my eye on the plant; no more hornworms yet.

The Brussels sprouts are not doing much.  One sprout looks healthy, but it’s having trouble standing up to the rain also.

The next bell pepper is growing nicely.  It’s going to be smallish like the last one was, I think.

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