“End” of summer status

Labor Day is the traditional end of summer, even though it’s not when the season changes.  Here, there’s no change in the weather either.  It’s still as hot as ever.  In another week or so, the air may begin to feel a little different, but it will still be hot until the beginning of October.

However, it’s a good time to assess what’s going on in the garden.  We’ve still been getting plenty of rain.  The broccoli sprouts are doing very well, in spite of getting flattened by rain last week.  They’ve perked up and are looking healthy.  The Brussels sprouts, on the other hand, are a wash.  I’ll probably use that pot to transplant broccoli into, since so many of those sprouts are doing well.

The tomatoes I picked last week were a mixed bag.  The one that looked better on the outside was actually all black inside and had some kind of worm or larva living in it.  Argh.  A revolting development, to be sure. The other one, though, was perfect inside and delicious.  These were definitely descendants of a tomato from the farm, not the grocery store.  There was no hint of hard yellow center inside.  Yum.  There are a lot more on the plant, but none are turning red yet.

The apple tree, almond tree and blackberry bush are all growing well.  The almond and blackberry leaves are in good shape, but something is really chewing on the apple tree leaves.  I’m really going to have to get some bug killer for it.

I have a couple of red potatoes from the grocery store that are actually sprouting from the eyes, so I may have some seed potatoes after all.  None of the ones from the farm ever sprouted.  I’d love to be able to grow my own potatoes.

After it gets cooler, I can plant a little lettuce, so I’ll have until I start going back to the farm again.


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