I haven’t looked into the compost bin in quite a while.  I’ve lifted the lid just a little to toss some scraps in there, but I haven’t examined it or turned it.  The reason?  The rogue tomato plant is growing up out of the base of the bin, and I have the plant tied up to the slats in the bin and the fence behind the bin for support.  Some of the twine is stretched right over the lid of the bin, so it hasn’t been very convenient to get in there.

Once the tomato plant is done, I’m going to move the compost bin to a new location, right beside its old location.  I’m going to use whatever compost is in there to work in to a small plot that I plan to use later.  Then I’ll start the compost bin over.

It’s amazing how much material I’ve put in there, and how much it’s compacted.  I can see through the slots that there’s only a few inches of compost in there.  Very interesting!  The soil right under the bin should be pretty fertile by now.

But, the bin moving is going to have to wait, until I’m sure these tomatoes are done.  None of them are showing any signs of getting red yet, except for the two I’ve already picked.  We’ll see.


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