Fire blight

I found out what’s wrong with my apple tree.  It’s called fire blight.  The name makes sense, because the leaves look like they’ve been burned.  It’s a bacterial infection, and it can be treated with either streptomycin or a copper solution.

I went to Lowes and they had the copper stuff.  I mixed it up and sprayed it on yesterday, and it started to rain about 45 minutes later.  I don’t know if the stuff had any chance to work or not.  Fortunately a small amount of solution gets mixed in a lot of water, and I had a good bit left over.  So I think I’m going to treat it again today.

It may be too late.  A lot of the leaves are involved, and the shoots at the top of the branches don’t look too good.

I’ve heard and read from several sources that apple trees don’t do well in Florida.  This one was rated for zone 9, but…maybe this fire blight thrives in hot, wet weather.  Maybe that’s why apple trees don’t work here.

Rats.  I was really looking forward to apples in a few years.


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