Garden update

The apple tree is looking better.  I cut off all the leaves that were infected with the fire blight and threw them away in the garbage, and sprayed the tree with the copper solution again.  The main stem is completely leafless, but it might be able to continue to grow at the top.  We’ll see.

I harvested another tomato, and it’s finishing the ripening process on the kitchen windowsill.  I’ll slice it tomorrow and see what’s inside.

Bell pepper number 4 is slowly turning red.  It should be ready to cut soon.

The blackberries and almond tree are coming along, still getting new growth.

The broccoli sprouts look great.  I’ll transplant a couple of them when they get a little bigger.  The stems are starting to thicken up some.  I like this, starting seeds outside instead of inside. 

The Brussels sprouts don’t look as good as the broccoli, but one plant is coming along slowly and the other may turn into something.

It’s still hot, although the days are getting shorter, so I hope the tomatoes will continue to ripen.  In another four weeks or so it will cool off some, and the broccoli should really take off then.


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